Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Since 2001

What is the size of your company?

Over 15 employees

How do you charge for your services?

Either by percentage or claim by claim basis.

What services are included with this fee?

All costs related to billing, statements, claims submission, reports. Some services are optional, license fees if applicable, to access the billing system are again dependent on a number of factors.

Is your company HIPAA compliant?


Who would a patient call with billing questions?

Physician Billers

When are claims submitted for payments?

We enter and submit within one business day of receiving the claims.

Is my data protected from deletion?

Data cannot be deleted once entered and submitted. Full audit trail is kept.

When I call will I speak with a real person?

Always between the hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST

All billing agencies promise reimbursement increases, why are you better?

Increasing reimbursement is dependent on your current collection rate. If your account receivable is very high we can significantly decrease it very quickly, but there are many variables to consider. The billing function itself involves more than just processing claims. We look at billing from the time the patient makes an appointment with you to the time the check is in the bank. Follow-up, feedback and working with the doctors makes a big difference and that is what we do better.

Are there any initial delays in billing claims if we start with your company?

No. If we have some advance notice we can have the electronic billing (Medicare & Commercial) setup prior to start. We like to allow two weeks, as this process is out of our control. In the interim we bill on paper immediately

How can I be sure all claims are being handled properly?

1) The money will be in your bank account.
2) We offer live access to your database via a secure internet connection, you can see the progress of the work as if it were done in your own practice. In addition we provide you with monthly status reports.

Will I have to give over total control of billing and capital?

Typically doctors are concerned about where the checks go. With us, all payments go to the doctor's office, checks are deposited by the doctor and the EOBs are sent to us for processing and posting.

Do you submit electronic claims to all insurance companies?

Yes to any company accepting electronic submission.

How do we get our claims data to your company for processing?

We use Priority Mail or scanning.

Are you set-up to send patient statements?

Yes. Patient statements are submitted on a monthly basis.

Do you do follow up with insurance claims?

Yes. Follow-up is what billing is all about.

Does your software allow us to print out reports detailing patients' accounts?

Yes. In addition our software provides other reports.

Do you manage authorization/referral tracking?

Yes. We have a referral management module.

Will I have a representative come to my office to train me on your software?


How do I get started with your company?

Call or email us to set up a meeting.

Our Professional Affiliations & Certifications

Physician Billers, Inc. is affiliated with American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), a health information management professional association. Physician Billers employs coding specialists certified (CCS-P) by AHIMA.

Our Services

Physician Billers is a professional medical billing company that offers comprehensive medical billing services for doctors and practitioners nationwide. Physician Billers is committed to conducting business in a effective and professional manner by helping our medical clients eliminate revenue difficulties associated with insurance claims. Check the services we provide.

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Unlike some companies claiming they are the best for all practices, Physician Billers considers each medical practice an unique factor in which both parties must be a good match for each other to create a successful working relationship. The relationship is a key to successful outcomes in all aspects of billing services including operational procedures, customer support and infrastructure support. There are many things to consider and we suggest making sure that the company you choose matches your practice's needs in the following ten areas.